Leader of the Big Four

4 December 1989
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Character/series: Buguese from Spider Riders
Use three words to describe your character's personality: Broody, Short-tempered, Private
Describe what their special powers/talents are: His physical strength is greater than that of an average human. He’s skilled in combat, particularly sword-fighting. His sword has a retractable blade, and can fire waves of energy. He’s also the calculating type, and is good at manipulating others.
Provide a brief bio of your character's canon history (keep as spoiler-free as possible, please): (Note- I based this on the Japanese version, because it's a bit different in the dub)
Buguese is a humanoid Insector (a.k.a. Invectid), a race of insect-like people living in the Inner World. The Inner World exists within the normal Earth, and is blessed by the powers of a being known as Spirit Oracle. The Insector race was forced to live under horrible conditions, due to the fact that the sunlight was taken away from their country, while it remained in the humans’ land. The plant life, which they needed to eat to survive, died as a result. Buguese despises the humans, because he believes that the Oracle favors them. He hates the Spider Riders most of all, because they were given special powers through the Oracle. Despite being the highest ranking general of the Big Four, and Mantid’s right-hand man, he doesn’t know the truth behind the sun’s disappearance, and constantly wonders about it. He’s depressed much of the time, and keeps to himself.

He cares about his comrades, though he doesn’t like to show it, preferring to be without the weakness of having friends. The person he cares about most of all is Aqune, a Spider Rider whom he found when she was a child, and took in. Due to her powers, she’s able to bring some sunlight to their world. Under Mantid’s orders, he forces her to fight against her comrades, by manipulating her with a special mask. However, he’s very protective of her, and his feelings for her contradict almost everything he stands for.
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